W H A T .I S . T B P?

Probably better to ask who rather than what; Top Banana Productions was originally a group of college students who set about making not for profit television programmes from Harlow, Essex in the UK. The group began making ON_A_FRIDAY, a local music programme in October 1999.

By around mid 2000 I was the only one of the group still making the programmes. I am David Hynes, and although my original role in the group was to develop the graphics and designs, I also became involved with all other aspects of production and web design. Since the other members of TBP left to pursue other things, I retained the name and logo which I designed and carried on 'being creative' and combined my interest in aviation with my enjoyment of video-editing.

I'm certainly not a wealthy individual so virtually all of my trips combine a holiday/break away with my aviation interest. For details about the equipment I use please see equipment pages..

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