I am often asked what camera equipment I use to take my pictures/videos.

The first thing I will say, is that I am semi-professional. That means I try to go for a mid to top of the range consumer model, especially for my main video camera. Of course everything is dictated by money.

My main interest is videography, I like photography too, but I don't have lots of lenses etc. I am a believer in the saying it's not what you got, but how you use it! it's no good having loads of fancy equipment if you don't know how to use it. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time, comes into play.

Finally, I care about what I do, a bit of a perfectionist - I don't mean my videos are perfect - but I mean that I try to make them as good as I can. So along with equipment comes technique and creativity in editing. You can never please all the people all the time, but it's worth giving it a go!

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